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Our Policies

Different Policies of Sugmya Finance Private Limited


Refund Policy

Get to know in detail about the refund policy of Sugmya Finance.


Grievance Redressal

A grievance redressal policy for complaints or dissatisfaction helps deliver the highest transparency to the customer.


Fair Practice Code

The Fair Practice code is a policy applicable related to the disclosure of price-sensitive unpublished company information.


Privacy Policy

This policy is applicable to all the existing customers and persons who visit the office and any ‘Digital Property’ belonging to Sugmya Finance Private Limited.

Sugmya Finance Private Limited believes in good corporate governance, a combination of sticking to protocols and intellect. We believe in various honest policies, such as fair practice codes, refunds, and grievance redressal. The policies cover the financial provision services to micro and small enterprises, women entrepreneurs, farmers, and other clients. It includes details of savings, payments, credit, and many others.