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Our Journey

Our Journey

We Care About Your Life’s Important Things

Sugmya Finance Private Limited was incorporated in 2017 and got the necessary NBFC license in 2019. With Delhi as headquarters, we started our operations in 2019 with short-term personal loans. Our first Branch office became operational in Amlaha, MP, in July 2020. Only within two years, Sugmya has successfully opened branches in 9 states.

Sugmya Finance uplifted more than 50000 household families with strong network of more than 80 Branches spread in 9 states, providing end-to-end financial based services to the rural, semi-rural & urban population. Our objective is to offer inclusive growth to them. Sugmya further diversified in 2020 as a new-generation and tech-savvy Non banking financial institution, providing MSME, Micro-credit, services to women and men entrepreneurs. We provide an extensive network of Health services through E-clinic and Doctor on call facilities to our customers. Sugmya includes a proven model with a proprietary IT platform, excellent internal controls, and a massive branch network.

Our Special Features

Sugmya offers Business and MSME loan to small entrepreneur and self employed individuals by capturing every data tracked and captured through advanced technologies and MIS. Some of the primary features of our technologies used are:

  • Real-time reporting and accounting system
  • Web-based geotagging
  • Cashless disbursement and collection system
  • Bank API for cashless development


Save Money, Save Life!

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48160+ Customers


132.72 AUM


9 States


78 Branches


Sugmya Finance offers Best deals

Our loan products aim to fulfill all the financial and credit necessities of people at the economical pyramid bottom line.
We offer the following loans to empower them socially and financially.

MSME Loans

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Loans offer sufficient working capital for different purposes like buying new inventory and equipment, paying salaries to the staff, or extending your business.

Business Loans (IGL)

IGL (Income Generating Loans) business loans are perfect for those clients who want funding for a shorter duration to create additional income sources.

Consumer Durable Loans

You can buy your long-awaited consumer durables with the help of this funding. The products to buy with consumer durable loans include electronics and household appliances.