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Do you think you know everything about microfinance services and their products? If not, these news and updates segments will give you the latest information about the sector and what is trending in the industry. Visit this page for our current posts, as we update it almost every week with detailed data.
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What’s Happening

When is it correct to implement interoperability in microfinance?

Interoperability in the finance context refers to participation in different systems to pursue a settled and clear payment efficiently. Moreover,

How has Microfinance Evolved in India

Microfinance attempts to deliver financial services to micro-enterprises and households that are excluded or banned from traditional commercial banking services.

How Has Technology Impacted the Microfinance industry

The microfinance industry in India has become an integral driving force, including unserved people by the existing financial service providers.

Largest Demand Partnership Buidling

Most of the companies want to build longer partnerships since it’s better for a company.Our providing assistance helps you to build the largest