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Earth Day Celebration

On this Day, we planted over 100 trees in each of our offices across seven states. It was an excellent mix of simplicity and modernity.

Learning and development program

For the continuous professional welfare of the Sugmya Finances employees, we offer a learning program entailing communication and leadership skills.

Sugmya Infotainment Magazine

In this magazine, you will get all the entertaining information related to the various fun activities at Sugmya on different celebrations.

Celebrations at Sugmya

We welcome all at Sugmya

  • 108.55 Cr. INR AUM Celebration
  • Celebration of New Year
  • Celebration of Foundation Day
  • Independence Day Celebration

108.55 Cr. INR AUM Celebration

In 2021, Sugmya Finance Private Limited achieved an astounding milestone of 108.55 Crore INR AUM after months of commitment and hard work. Sugmya has celebrated this achievement with a massive blast with its employees. This milestone is a testimony that we are working on the perfect track.


Celebration of New Year

New Year represents a time for human spirit revival, professionally and personally. It is one of the best opportunities to celebrate, swap holiday stories with colleagues, network with the management and share various new year resolutions. This celebration brings a festive mood to the office and allows the employees to relax and prepare for double hard work in the upcoming year.


Celebration of Foundation Day

The entire Sugmya family celebrates this auspicious and significant Foundation Day every year. This annual workplace celebration encapsulates nostalgic moments for each member of Sugmya.


Independence Day Celebration

Independence day is an important day for our country. Thus Sugmya celebrates this national day on the 15th of August by expressing due respect to the martyrs and great personalities of India.