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About Us

Sugmya Finance Private Limited, registered as an “NBFC” with the Reserve Bank of India, is one of India’s leading and most trusted NBFC companies. True to our name we aim to be easily accessible to bridge the gap between people’s aspirations and reality. With substantial capitalization and reverence towards being 100% cashless, we use technology to empower women and men to be a part of the ‘Digital India Mission.’ 

Sugmya Finance Private Limited began operations in January 2019, and have empowered over 60,000 households from various social strata.  MSME Loans, Micro Loans, and Consumer Durable Loans are the three main financial services that we provide. We have grown exponentially over the last three years, establishing our presence through an 80-branch network in over 40 districts and thousands of villages across nine states.

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Our Mission

We aim to be a trusted financial partner and assist our customers in their journey with candor, clarity, and professionalism.

Our Vision

We aim to create a family of customers and investors who share our goal of strengthening our nation.

Our Promise

We aspire to deliver the best business orientation and equal economic opportunities to anyone irrespective of their background.

Our Team

Our team at Sugmya Finance consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in banking, fintech, and finance. We have achieved success through our focus on providing personalized services, tailored advice, and innovative financial products. With the help of our knowledgeable and skilled team, Sugmya Finance is the destination to turn to for all kinds of loan requirements.

Our Partner

At Sugmya Finance, we value the many partnerships we have created. Our partners are dedicated to helping us provide the best products, services, and experience to our customers. We collaborate with banks, digital wallets, and other fintechs to create integrated and seamless services for our customers. We also have partnerships with credit bureaus, financial advisors, and major technology providers. With our partners, we are able to provide a vast array of financial products and services with the highest quality to our customers.

Our Presence

We are available in major cities across India and is growing in presence. We are constantly expanding our operations and deepening our presence in all areas of our operations. Through our digital and branch presence, we are able to provide our services to customers in various cities. We also offer products and services through various digital and technology channels. We strive to offer our products and services to all our customers, wherever they are.

Our Governance

Sugmya Finance requires all its staff members to adhere to the highest standards of conduct in order to ensure that the organization‘s operations are run in the most ethically, transparent, and lawful manner. The leadership team is responsible to create and institute strong and effective corporate policies and processes that foster good governance. The company has a dedicated Risk Management department which monitors operations on a continuous basis and puts checks in place to ensure that every financial decision made is sound. This also helps in building trust and confidence amongst our customers, partners, and all stakeholders.

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Social Activity/Blog

Sugmya Finance, is one of the responsible institutions for micro finance in India. We are doing many social activities and that includes providing financial literacy training, offering microloans and grants, and contributing to charitable causes in the community. 

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